Maven Promo is the exclusive in-store music designer for the Shiekh retail chain. 

Shiekh is a vibrant retail chain that offers an assortment of top streetwear brands for men, women, and kids. Shiekh boasts over 130 locations across the United States, with the majority of its locations spanning the west coast. Shiekh targets the urban-inspired youth market (ages 16 to 34) and delivers fashions and accessories that complements their lifestyle.

ShiekhTV is a music video DVD reel that is distributed to and plays daily in all Shiekh locations, reaching nearly 3 million viewers every month (many more during holiday shopping season).

Through Maven Promo's Music In Retail program, independent artists have the opportunity to get their music on ShiekhTV and in front of Shiekh's millions of urban-inspired youth viewers who are music fans, trendsetters, and influencers.

How It Works:

Every month we curate a playlist of videos (including music videos, artwork videos, and lyric videos) that is produced onto and delivered in the form of a DVD to all Shiekh locations across the US. Starting on or about the 1st of every month, a new ShiekhTV reel plays on TVs positioned in highly visible locations throughout the Shiekh store. Audio is piped through overhead speakers placed throughout the store. The ShiekhTV playlist plays up to 6 times a day in all 130+ locations for the entire month (that's over 23,000 unique spins).

(Click here to check out #ShiekhTV on Instagram for examples).


  • One Month Campaign: $325 ($0.014 per spin)
  • Two Months Campaign: $500 ($0.011 per spin)

How To Submit:

Step 1: Submit a link to your video for review here (it can be a music video, artwork video, or lyric video).

Step 2: If your video is accepted, you will receive a Music In Retail Acceptance Notification with instructions for making payment and delivering your content. (It takes 24 to 48 hours to hear from us.)

Step 3: Once we've received your payment and deliverables, you'll receive a Pre-placement Confirmation Notification confirming the details of your campaign.

Step 4: On or about the first day of the start of your campaign month, you'll receive a Proof of Placement Notification containing a screenshot of your placement and the playlist of all videos on the reel.

First Come First Served Policy: Although the deadline to submit for an upcoming ShiekhTV campaign month is the 10th of the month before the campaign month (so, March 10th deadline for a May 1st campaign start date), we highly recommend that you submit as early as possible if you're hoping to be selected for a specific month. We have a limited number slots available for independent artists each month due to the length of the playlist. If you make payment after we've run out of slots for the playlist, you'll be automatically added to the playlist for the next open month (NO REFUNDS).